Update : The method and all the files needed to do it are available in the article : How to remove date and timestamp from gumpack camera

Update : datasheet of SPCA533A available !

Update : A software-only method have been made available !  Isoprop gathered all the needed steps in his tutorial. And it *is* working, without any soldering needed. Job done 😉 Thank him, and thank you dear readers for your grateful comments.

I recently bought a micro camera to put on my RC glider on ebay. I am happy with the quality, as it does video at 30fps and 720×480. You should look at my RC glider videos here. The issue with this camera is that it automatically inserts the date in the video, and that it is reset to 01-01-2008 each time it is powered on. After reading Chuck’s web site, I decided to open and try to hack my camera. Here is what I found. Poursuivre la lecture »